Course Overview

What’s the fuss about saving trees? Find the answer to that question, and more, in this course. Investigate forest ecosystems across the country, and learn about the structure and function of trees in relation to life processes. Learn to identify the factors that determine the distribution of forests, and research the different species of forests around Canada.

The Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada course has been developed by ADLC and the Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF).

Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada (FOR 1020) is a 10-level, one-credit course that includes nine units of study:

Unit 1: Trees and Forest Plants
Unit 2: Vital Life Processes of a Tree
Unit 3: The Forest Ecosystem
Unit 4:The Web of Life in a Forest Ecosystem
Unit 5: The Role of Trees in the Forest Ecosystem
Unit 6: Health of the Forest Ecosystem
Unit 7: Forest Regions
Unit 8: A Local Forest Ecosystem
Unit 9: Applying what you have learned