Course Overview

Are you passionate about the environment? In Forest Protection and Stewardship, you’ll learn about the protection of forests and what responsible environmental stewardship means in the context of Alberta. Examine the Land-use Framework and Alberta Land Stewardship Act as it relates to forestry, and find out what measures are being taken to promote environmental stewardship.

The Forest Protection and Stewardship course has been developed by ADLC and the Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF).

Forest Protection and Stewardship is a 20-level, one-credit course that includes eight units of study:

Unit 1: Alberta’s Integrated Resource Planning
Unit 2: Forest Stewardship— What is It?
Unit 3: Demands on Forests and Needs of Forest Users
Unit 4: What Good Forest Stewardship Gives Us
Unit 5: Alberta’s Land-Use Framework
Unit 6: The Alberta Land Stewardship Act
Unit 7: Environmental Stewardship and You
Unit 8: Careers Involving Protection and Stewardship