Course Overview

Take a walk in the woods! In this course, you’ll learn about past and present forest development. You’ll also explore some of the major conservation methods involved in the sustainable development of forests and research career options for forest management.

The Forest Use and Protection course has been developed by ADLC and the Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF).

Forest Use and Protection (FOR 1100) is a 10-level, 1 credit course,  that includes 8 units of study:

Unit 1: The Importance of Canada’s Forests
Unit 2:Ownership of Canada’s Forests
Unit 3: The History of Forest Use and Management
Unit 4: Managing Canada’s Forests Today
Unit 5: Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)
Unit 6: Forest Protection
Unit 7: Canada’s Forests in the Future
Unit 8: Career Choices Involving Forest Management