Course Overview

Math matters! The course, based on the Alberta Education Program of Studies, will provide you with the mathematical understandings and critical thinking skills required for entry into post-secondary programs that are math-intensive and require the study of calculus. Topics include the following:

*  Sequences and Series
*  Quadratic Function and Equations
*  Radicals
*  Trigonometry
*  Rational Expressions and Equations
*  Absolute Values and Reciprocal Functions
*  Equations and Inequalities

Online students - can print the lesson assignments from the online course and submit them in print format.
Print students - additional multimedia resources can be accessed through the online portion of the course, or you can purchase a USB flash drive. You will be required to complete the unit quizzes online unless alternate arrangement are made with the lead teacher. You have the option of submitting your print assignments digitally for marking online.

Mathematics 10C (Mathématiques 10C)
To increase potential for success in Math 20-1, ADLC recommends that a minimum mark of 65% is achieved in Mathematics 10C.