Course Overview

Enhanced understanding! Over the duration of the course, you’ll increase your reading, writing, listening, and basic grammar skills.

Online:  In this course, you’ll complete the study of ONE novel - choose Anne of Green Gables, Breadwinner, Maniac Magee, The Phantom Tollbooth, Trouble with Tuck, or Ticket to Curlew - and six modules:

    What is Fair?
    Images for Sale
    The Wonders of Space
    Arts and Entertainment
    Stories of our Lives
    Exploring Canada

Print: In this course, you’ll complete the study of ONE novel—Ticket to Curlew and The Trouble with Tuck—and five instructional modules:

    The Pacific Rim
    Looking Up
    The Creature World
    In The Days of Knights
    Our Heritage

You’ll also explore topics such as fairness, images, the wonders of space, favourites in arts and entertainment, and exploring Canada.

*** NOTE:  Anne of Green Gables and The  Phantom Tollbooth are not available through ADLC. ***