Course Overview

You gotta love math! If you have a keen interest in and aptitude for mathematics and are intending to pursue a post-secondary program with an intensive focus on math, this is the course for you. Topics of study include a review of pre-calculus from Math 10-2, 20-1, and 30-1, limits, trigonometry, curve sketching, derivatives, related rates, optimization, and integration.


Online Only: The online section is a non-calculator course.  The assignments, quizzes and exams have been designed so that a calculator is not needed. The online course includes over 100 videos and inter actives that visually represent the mathematical concepts you’re studying. There are also 45 review pages to assist you if you need a refresher on concepts from previous math courses.



Mathematics 30-1 (Mathématiques 30-1)

Students must have completed or be in the process of completing Mathematics 30-1.  Credit for this course will only be applied after credit for Mathematics 30-1 has been earned unless the pre-requisite requirement has been waived by the School Administrator.