Grades 1-6 Online Resource Development

Grades 1-6 Online Resource Development

by Doug Stevens -
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In preparation for the upcoming curriculum release and the associated need for digital programming, we would like to invite you to an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues. This is an opportunity for any Div I or II Online and Blended teachers to connect with colleagues around the province and to begin aligning current digital courseware, resources and practices to the New Ab. Education Curriculum. The proposed schedule for the morning will be:

9-9:20: Introductory remarks and setting the stage 

9:20 -11:30: Breakout rooms by grade:

  • Introductions
  • Sharing current resources, strategies and instructional models
  • Curriculum mapping (beginning with ELA DRAFT outcomes to existing resources and structures)

11:30: Wrap-up and next steps.

This is an opportunity to meet with other online teachers at your grade level and build lasting connections.

We're looking forward to our first meeting on March 11th!

To register, please click the link below.,g5IufT68bU2B6luRQNtfQA,4oKhr785Ek-ygMFRgWho0g,DL32PYjm006a7sfvpM3Fjg,OsY58FOimU2cG3SpkVBG5Q,sO_SBekshkemcWkvxx34cg?mode=read&tenantId=f2a58404-23dd-423d-adac-5bab32aa370d

Please pass on to any interested teachers!

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Re: Grades 1-6 Online Resource Development

by Doug Stevens -
Hi all, as we had a total of 4 people sign up for our online curriculum development workshop, we will be rescheduling this to April 8, 2022 from 9am – 12pm. Here is the registration link:
Please share far and wide 😊