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Exam Banks from Previous Forums

Exam Banks from Previous Forums

by Michel Lacoursiere -
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Hi all,

Last year we were having some discussions and sharing of exam banks.  I know those discussions were on the old hub and likely lost but if anyone wants to share some of these banks for Math and Science (especially chemistry) that would be great!  My district (EIPS) has sadly switched to Brightspace from Moodle but luckily these banks are IMS compliant.

I have attached some of the banks that I downloaded previously from the Hub for sharing.  I have also included Nash College's XML converter which I have used in the past to convert Examview tests into Moodle (and Brightspace) compatible xml format.



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Re: Exam Banks from Previous Forums

by Moodle HUB -
Hey Michel,
for security reasons, I shared those questions to the Google folder.