ADLC course downloads

ADLC course downloads

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Hello MoodleHUB fans!

I hope you are enjoying a restful summer. 

Rocky View Schools has received some mbz files of ADLC courses. I thought I would share guest access with you. These are stripped versions of ADLC courses, meaning all copyrighted materials have been removed. I assured Alberta Education that teachers will find these stripped versions very useful. I am hoping that more courses will become available in the near future. I have already heard from a few of you wanting to collaborate and organize a plan to fill in the holes and make these courses ready again. This is great community spirit and I am looking forward to our next meeting. 

If you wanted to access the courses via guest access, please do so by clicking on the links below.


Dirk Meyer

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Re: ADLC course downloads

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Hi Dirk,

This is exciting! Are there, by any chance, other courses that you might have access to? I am particularly looking frantically for support with Chemistry 20 and 30. Anything anyone has that is not the 2009 Alberta Ed Moodle material is highly welcome!
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Re: ADLC course downloads

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Hello Courtney,
I replied to you in a separate message. We are hoping that these courses will become available to teachers very soon. As for non-ABED resources, check out Its a not for profit society of school boards of Western provinces. A membership applies for those wanting to download courses but the breadth and width of available resources is remarkable. You can simply create a free account and browse everything that is available.