RDCRS - Blackgold Shared Courses

RDCRS - Blackgold Shared Courses

by Yolanda Chang -
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Hey there!

This is a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping someone from RDCRS can connect with me. Due to the recent Google Drive update, I'm getting a lot of access requests from students taking these courses as the links need to be updated. Some multiple times in rapid succession from the same students.

If a teacher from RDCRS has students who are getting "Access Denied" messages, can you please connect with me so that I can send you the updated link? Thanks!

Student names: 

Brooklyn Garrett

Nevaeh Landry

Keira Oster

Amelia Setso

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Re: RDCRS - Blackgold Shared Courses

by Angelo Delli Santi -
Hi Yolanda,

It looks like I traced down what they are taking and what course I designed around using Blackgold resources. Contact me at angelo.dellisanti@rdcrs.ca