WCLN: PL Opportunity, TC2, AP Physics

WCLN: PL Opportunity, TC2, AP Physics

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WCLN has worked with TC2 (Critical Thinking Consortium) to build 20 new Inquiry Projects.    The projects are integrated into a variety of online courses (SS, Law, Math, Science, English ...etc), and are ALSO available for classroom teachers to use independently (directly or in GoogleClassroom or in MS Teams).

PL:  On Feb 12th,  TC2 will present and explain the New Inquiry Projects (WCLN.ca > Teacher Support > Pro-D Opportunities).   This is a FREE online session for all teachers (online or classroom).

Districts who might be interested in running an AP Physics course next year (whether through an online program, or within schools) should note that WCLN will be releasing AP 1 Physics this coming summer.   More information will be coming, but just a heads-up for your planning.

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