Welcome to Western World History 30! Over the next nine weeks, we will explore more than the three thousand years of history, starting with the birth of Ancient Greece and ending with the creation of the Internet. We will watch the rise and collapse of great civilizations, witness epic battles, experience plagues and political upheavals, and see new inventions change the course of history. In this class, we are time-travellers and I invite you to join me, Mr. Gwozd, on this exciting adventure into the past!

Along with learning more about our shared history, this class will also explore how history itself is written. We will investigate research methods, analyze historical sources, and ultimately create our history! Over the nine weeks, you will become a de-facto historian, exploring various topics and writing your own version of world history.

I hope you're as excited to be taking this class as I am to be teaching it! I look forward to working with you all on our shared journey into the past!