Assignment 1: The Basics (DESKTOP)

Here we go: your first real assignment!

Your assignment is to create a Google Doc and share with your teachers. When you share, it MUST be shared with EDITING. Don't worry-- we will show you how! 

Below are Step by Step instructions on how to complete this assignment:


Step 1: Take a screenshot of the Important Links block on the main page. You can find information on how to take a screenshot here. 


Step 2: Create a Google Doc. Click here to watch a short showing you how to create a google doc.

Step 3: Paste the Important Links block screenshot in to the Google Doc (you may need to use Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V, if Copy and Paste doesn't work, or you may need to upload the picture by going to Insert in the Google doc, choosing image, and loading the image)


Step 4: Share the Google Doc with your teachers. If you prefer watching an instructional, click here to see how (Note: there is NOT any audio). If you prefer step by step written instructions, go here instead. 

Your shareable link should look something like this:

We can tell if you've shared with editing, because it should say edit at the end of the URL.


Step 5:  In this assignment dropbox, (at the very bottom of the page) click the 'Add Submission' button


Step 6: Paste your Google Doc shareable link in this dropbox:


Step 7: Confirm your submission by clicking on the blue "Continue" button.

Step 8: Once you see the green "Submitted for grading" -- you are ALL DONE! Congrats -- you've successfully completed your first online assignment!