1.0 Elements of Design


How to Begin...

Welcome to the first unit of this course : )  You will be accessing a website where all of the units/lessons and assignments are housed and then submitting you completed assignments into this Moodle space.  Please click on the (ENTER NOW) button below to access the lessons and assignments.  You will be linking to the main web page of the course.  Review the course introduction and then navigate to the assignments.  Please do the assignments in order as they do build upon themselves in concepts and skills.

COM1005 Lesson & Assignment button

Submitting your completed assignment - 

How do you do that?  Well, you will either be attaching a file or copying and pasting a link to your work.

IF you are attaching a file, that means you completed your work in a Word doc or a PowerPoint Presentation file or have your work converted into a PDF file.  You simply drag and drop the file that contains your completed work for the assignment.


IF you are copying and pasting a file link, that means you completed your work in a Google doc, Google slide presentation, or other web hosted source.  You need to ensure a couple of things:

  1. IF you are submitting a Google Doc/presentation (GD) You have set the sharing settings on your Google Doc to share with me (viewing or editing privileges)
  2. You copy and paste (ctrl+c and the ctrl+v) your Google doc/presentation file link into the online text area in the assignment.  
  3. Please try and make the link 'live' by highlighting the link and then selecting the chain link icon button in the tools editing bar.  Follow the steps to properly make your link live.



Please either drop into my online office during posted hours or book a private conference through email, text message or google chat.

Why do I want you to come and conference with me about your work?  Well, for a couple of reasons:

1.  We get to meet each other (online or over the phone), which is always nice smile

2.  You can hear firsthand, and in real time, how your work is meeting the program of studies and expectations of required skills and understanding, and where you may need to make some adjustments in your approach to learning and assignment quality to achieve the goals you have set our for yourself in the course.