2.1.1 Add and Delete Text 

2.1.2 Edit Text on a Slide

2.1.3 Size and Format Text Boxes 

2.1.4 Insert Text

2.2.1 Copy, Cut and Paste Text

2.2.2 Promote and Denote Text

2.2.3 Add and Modify Text Art

2.2.4 Modify Fonts and Font Styles 

2.2.5 Modify Font Size and Colour

2.2.6 Align Text and Change Line Spacing
2.2.7 Format Text Using an Alternative Source
2.2.8 Add and Modify Bullet Lists

2.2.9 Add and Modify Numbered Lists

2.3.2 Copying & Pasting Elements from One Slide to Another  

2.3.2 Copying & Pasting Elements Between Presentations  

2.3.3 Copying & Pasting Slides Between Presentations

2.3.4 Adding Hyperlinks

2.3.5 Inserting Media Clips

2.4.1 Add Animation

2.4.2 Create and Modify Custom Animations